Case Study

Ombibulous Identity

Luxurious spirit drinks Wiki.


Can learning how to make spirits be sexy and mystic? How do we celebrate bartenders, oldschool drinks, spirit knowledge?


Digitallab helped Ombibulous focus their brand and online strategy.

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Brand Identity

Developing the Strategy

Digitallab's Strategist, Sofia Jacobs, sat down with CEO Fredeirc and the team members, to craft the brand’s strategy for the upcoming Website Go-Live. Over a 2 Hours facilitated Discovery Session, Sofia surfaced the challenges the individuals faced. In the process, they prioritized the needs and goals of the business and its customers. This became the foundation for the branding and marketing plans.

Understanding the Users

Ombibulous is a community first. It’s the haven for fans obsessed with alchemic cultures. To understand the needs of these customers, we created unique user profiles to represent the range of attendees. This painted a clear picture of their demographics, psychographics, needs and wants.

Defining the Brand

Through a series of exercises in the strategy session, we were able to extract and refine the key pillars of the brand. This defined the brand’s personality: how it should look, sound, and act.

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Understanding what the Ombibulous brand is and who they are a champion for, helped define the positioning statement of the business. This set the tone for everything created for Ombibulous

Final Result

Digitallab helped Ombibulous focus their brand and online strategy.