How we run the Design Sprint

We love to run workshops.

How we run the Design Sprint


The Challenge:

We think the best time to sprint or run any workshop is:
if you have a big Challenge on an existing product, that is big enough to tackle, or you are at the start of product development, where you define core ideas and unique value proposition for your product. In the beginning stage of product development, we should be very careful and test any ideas before actually developing it. That's why it's good to try different approaches without failure. How? With the new Design Sprint 2.0. Design Sprints are about alignment, goal definition, and learning.

The Team:

We usually do a Workshop with a team between 4-8 people.
The Team must include a CEO/product manager or product owner role and, of course, a facilitator from digitallab.


The Supplies:

- a super cool room with a great view
- a team
- facilitator
- a bunch of colorful post it notes
- red and green voting dots
- A4 Paper
- Tesa Klebeband
- a guide presentation
- Fresh Coffee
- Yummy and healthy food for lunch
- Beer (for the Feierabend)


The Outcome:

A user-tested prototype and documentation.

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