Design Sprint

helps you solve great product and business problems together with your team and Digitallab to improve customer satisfaction, usability, team alignment, and get real answers.
Design Sprint is a framework used by Google ventures, Lego, Uber, Slack, and many more.

Design Sprint 2.0

Digitallab Design Sprint

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What is the Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is an efficient 4-5 Day process that is essential and most effective for answering challenging product and business-related questions through team alignment, goal-oriented thinking, design, prototyping, and finally testing ideas with customers.

The Design Sprint is a 4-5 Day „Hackathon“. For two groups of people us, and you/your team
(4-9 people).

Day 1: The challenges and the scope will be defined as well as the goal.
Day 2: is all about deciding what challenges we will prototype.
Day 3: is about building a high-quality prototype.
Day 4: the Prototype will be tested on real users.

After that we can continue individually depending on the feedback and start an iteration sprint, we can start the process of creating the MVP or developing the features.

Outcome: Design Sprint Week is a high-fidelity interactive prototype, tested by real users, and with clear insights on where to go next. This is not just a collection of “wireframes” or a “paper prototype”, it looks and feels like a real product. The simple Design Sprint we offer can be done Remotely.

We run the Design Sprint 2.0

Where does it come from?

The Design Sprint, developed at Google, efficiently uses parts of Design Thinking.
It’s a mix of business strategy, innovation, and ideas, behavioral science, and design thinking wrapped into a clear process that can be used by any team.

Design Sprint and it’s benefits?

The Design Sprint is excellent when it comes to design a new product, create or change a feature, or test ideas and assumptions.

Reduce Cost Reduce Risk
You may assume you need more features that you actually need.Without knowing whether some big feature are successful money and time of building and launching can be lost.The Design Sprint helps Validating assumption as early as possible without loosing time and risking your product or service or expense.

Speed up and gain time to market (execute)The Design Sprint goes without endless months of debate and cycles.
It helps to gain insights, focus in a group, work as a team and execute ideas quickly.

Gain advantage over competition
Sometimes it feels like the competition moves faster. With the Design Sprint you can gain advantage by enabling your team to make decisions.

What is the Design Sprint great for?

  • Testing New startup ideas
  • Digital Products such as Apps
  • Hardware & Tech Products
  • Improving failing products & features
  • Getting your investors interest
  • Web projects such as Landingpages
  • Reconsider the internal design process
  • Evaluating the success of a product / service
  • Online experiencesMarketing Strategy
  • Aligning team & different disciplines
  • Become unstuck and decide faster
  • Large business projects

What is the outcome of a Design Sprint?

The outcome is not only theoretical; problem-solving and team alignment but also a real, user-tested and clickable prototype, not a mockup nor a wireframe but a concept of a feature or product, execution, that can be used later. We can offer a prototype in HTML/CSS/Javascript, Figma and Adobe XD.

You will also have a product backlog and documentation with all the things that need to be done after the sprint.

After the sprint you will have a clear idea of the next steps to happen within your team, to take things forward.Mostly we use parts of the design sprint again to iterate, create guidelines and polish the solution to share it.It’s called iteration sprint. After the sprint we handover and present the results.

You will receive Photos of the Sprint and the ideas as well as the Goal.

At digitallab we offer our clients assistance by visiting once a month and prioritize and update the backlog.

Design Sprint FAQ's

What is a Design Sprint?

"The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. Developed at GV, it’s a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more—packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use." -

What is an Iteration Sprint?

An Iteration sprint is the after Sprint Process where we consider the Feedback from our USers and can decide to iterate on our existing concept and test again. It is essential for the MVP to get a few questions answered before the actual development.

What happens after the Design Sprint?

You get a High-Fidelity Prototype and a report from real User Test and real Answers. You can decide afterwards if you want to work on the existing concept, iterate, or choosing a different concept ans resprint.

What is the outcome?

Team Alignment, Concepts & Ideas, a tested High-Fidelity Prototype & Report.

What does a Design Sprint cost?

It depends on your Teamsize and the Challges you are facing. We would like to know more. Request a Call

Digitallab UX/UI

Product Design & Development

Reminder: After we are done with the design sprint, we can develop the outcome (high-quality User Interface Concept) based on the collected information and your needs. Every Screen of your Web-app will be designed in Figma, so you have the ability constantly seeing what we are doing and give your feedback. After approval, we develop the app.

Why Digitallab?

Digitallab was created to help startups grow their business using modern processes to create innovative products. We use a better way of working efficiently to help meet customers expectation and provide maximum value.Digitallab is lead by Sofia Jacobs, who worked in product and consulting.

She is leading teams having a problem-solving mindset and a positive mindset to work with teams at any stage.Here at Digitallab we adapt Design Sprint tasks individually.

We make the Design Sprint easy so that any team can use it. Working with Digitallab as your partner, you will gain insights, knowledge, answers to questions, the capability to grow with your team.

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